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U-10 Passing
U-10 Dribbling

U-8 Small Groups
U-8 Pairs
U-8 Lower Limb
U-8 Ball Possession
U-8 Principles

U-6 Coordination Balance
U-6 Ball Work
U-6 Dribbling
U-6 Coordination Movement
U-6 Changing Direction


The US Youth Soccer Coaching Department has introduced the latest coaching resource with How to Write a Training Session Plan. The manual will help guide coaches in conducting the most efficient and effective training sessions for their team and compliments previous US Youth Soccer coaching resources such as the Player Development Model, Vision document and Skills School technical manual.

"This resource on how to design a training session plan, coupled with the many other coaching resources from US Youth Soccer, will help any coach through a soccer season," said US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching, Sam Snow. "The US Youth Soccer Coaching Department resource center, coaching articles, lesson plans, DVD’s, books and documents such as the Player Development Model offer a wealth of ideas for appropriate soccer experiences. How to Write a Training Session Plan will help coaches organize that information into an effective session and season. This manual is useful to any coach, but especially those beginning their formal coaching education in the courses given by their US Youth Soccer State Association."

How to Write a Training Session Plan is ideal for coaches of all age groups and abilities. Download How to Write a Training Session Plan below, as well as other useful resources from the US Youth Soccer Coaching Department.

How to Write a Training Session Plan [link]

Training Session Template [link]

Coaches Document Center [link]
Includes the Player Development Model, Vision Document, Skills School and Coaching Manual

Sample Training Sessions [link]


FIFA's Dynamic warm program

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