Team Training

Team Training for Field Players and Goalkeepers Topics:
  • Principles of attack, possession, speed of play 
  • Changing point of attack, combination play, creating 2v1 opportunities,
  • Transition and counter attack
  • Finishing in final third of field
  • Principles of defense and team shape, defensive transition defending in each third of field
  • Defending in small groups and team defending * back pass to keeper and starting attack
  • Restarts and set plays
  • First touch and receiving,
  • 1v1 attack and dribble, shielding and turning
  • Passing for accuracy for short or long balls, field vision and taking looks
  • Heading to goal or to clear the ball
  • 1v1 defending, shooting and finishing under pressure
  • Keeper foot work, stance, catching and distribution, shot stopping, diving, angle of play, fitness, organize defense
  • Field players and goalkeepers will learn their role within a system of play and the team shape.
With input of the club coach, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer will develop a curriculum specifically tailored to the needs of your team. You can also make any camp a Team Camp by bringing your whole team to one of our other camps and contacting our Camp Director.