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kids camps

Kids Camp Program – 4/5 year olds and 6/7 year olds
Basic Skills, Individual Technical Training: every player with a ball
·       warm-up activities – running, jumping, turning, hopping and balance
·       stretching muscles before and after training
·       ball control dribbling with all parts of foot with vision
·       dribbling and changing direction and speed
·       dribbling and footwork
·       dribbling to beat a defender
·       passing for accuracy and possession
·       passing on the ground and in the air
·       receiving balls on the ground and bouncing
·       receiving ball and first touch control
·       shooting ground balls for accuracy at the goal
·       shooting bouncing balls at the goal
·       shooting facing the goal or turning and shooting
·       appropriate games and activities for beginning players
·       body part dribble, multiple gates, multiple goals, everybody is It, 2v2 or 3v3 to end line
·       age appropriate activities for each group
Practice Sessions – limited to 60-75 minutes with water breaks
Schedule of Kids Camps
to be added
With input of the club coach, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer will develop a curriculum specifically tailored to the needs of your team. You can also make any camp a Team Camp by bringing your whole team to one of our other camps and contacting Sheldon Chamberlain.
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