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Questions And Answers

My child did not make ODP this year. Is there any way you can provide an evaluation?

ODP try-outs are a selection process and should not be viewed as an evaluation. As ODP coaches are viewing players, they are attempting to select the players that stand out from the other players based on the criteria that was sent to parents and is displayed on the ODP section of the web site. We make mistakes in identification, after all coaches are human. As parents please recognize that in a selective environment such as ODP, a child may experience their first setback or failure to make a team. Failures or setbacks should be seized as opportunities to improve, to prove their ability to coaches later and to realize this is part of life in other ventures too. We feel confident that if we do miss a player they will be recognized the next year. A full evaluation is provided to all players who make ODP. There is not an evaluation for players who do not make the ODP team

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I understand after try-outs there will be a pool selected. How big will the pool be for each team and when will the final teams be selected?

Coaches decide how large they want to have their pool. There will be two training times for all pool players on October 20th and November 10th. After those training dates, coaches will select their teams. Rosters will be released the end of November. Coaches can choose from 20 to 25 players for the U13 to U17 teams.

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My child is part of the current ODP pool. How many players will be chosen for each team and age group?

At U12 we currently have six or seven teams in five different areas of the state and will carry from 12 to 16 players because we play 8v8 at this age.  At U13 we currently have three or four geographic teams and will carry 18 up to 25 players in each region. The geographic teams at the earlier ages were created to provide more opportunities and less driving for parents. The U14’s carry two state wide teams and the older ages carry one team each. We have a total of up to 28 teams

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What competitions will the teams participate in this year?

The U 13’s to U 17’s will be competing in two major competitions. The Virginia Friendlies in late February in Williamsburg Virginia and the Region One ODP Tournament, which is always scheduled for the first weekend in June in Mercer County New Jersey. In the Region One ODP tournament the U13’s and U14’s play a festival format but the U15’s through U17’s play for a Region One Championship. In addition, if the U16’s or U17’s were to win the regional championships, they would have the opportunity to compete in the National Championships in March. 

We also schedule friendly state matches, age group friendlies among the state ODP teams, mixed gender competitions (e.g. U 17 Girls vs. U 14 Boys) and possible state vs. regional team competition the in March.

The U12 program will have matches with the other regions in the state, a possible tournament with the other regions in the state, friendly matches against Maryland, New Jersey, Western PA or New York West and the Annual U12 ODP Tournament in Wilson, North Carolina in June. We were the first state in Region One to have a U12 program. As other states in Region One add teams there will be the opportunity to play individual states in friendlies for the U12’s.


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What if there are conflicts with my club team?

Eastern Pennsylvania would like to see players follow the US Soccer guidelines of three practices per one match and one match per week but realize that very few clubs follow that practice. We do not want to see young athletes over train and contribute to overuse injuries or be a cause of any undue stress a player may feel due to extensive obligations. We normally only train on Sundays to alleviate conflicts for players, parents and coaches but in a few instances an ODP coach may call for a practice before a major game at the older age groups. All NCS, President Cup and Challenge Cup matches and ECNL tournaments take precedent over ODP training

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Are Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer players required to attend Regional Camp?

Regional camp is both a developmental and identification camp. Coaches at the Region One camp are looking for players to represent the Region One Teams in National and International competition. When playing on Regional teams, players are also evaluated by National Staff for potential National Team play at various ages. We do not require players to attend either the boys or girls Region One Camps.

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How much playing time will a player receive in competition?

Coaches are asked to attempt to play all players in matches that have no consequence for advancing in a tournament. In the Region One Tournament for U15’s through 17’s, the ODP teams have a chance to advance but coaches are still asked to attempt to play all players. We may have up to 25 players on a roster but only 18 players can play in a given match during Region One Competition. 

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Does Eastern Pennsylvania provide financial aid for ODP?

Financial aid is determined on a case by case basis upon receiving a completed financial aid form. The financial aid form can be found on the ODP section of the website under ODP FORMS AND RESOURCES. Application forms should be completed and sent to our office between November 15 and December 1. 

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What do the players wear to training?

Players will be provided a training shirt in addition to their team kit and should arrive at each session with their training shirt. 

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How do I reach the coach or coaches in my age group?

Each team will be provided a web page. On the web page you will have the email addresses of all the coaches in your age group. Also, on that page will be an updated schedule of events or practices.

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How do I know if training, a match or an event is cancelled or postponed?

You will receive an email notification and the information will be on the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer web site. We will attempt to notify players at least three hours before the activity.

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Will there be a European trip for ODP teams this year?

The plans for 2014 are taking the U13 boys to Scotland, the U13 girls to London, the U15 girls to Holland and the U15 boys to Spain. Information will be coming after selections.

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