2018 ODP East Region Champions

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U16 Girls ODP Champs IMG_1401

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer ODP teams had a pretty good day at the ODP East Region Championship finals on Sunday at Kirkwood Soccer Club in Delaware. All four that played in the finals came away with the first place plaque. Congratulations to our champions! 

ODP East Region Championship Results

U17 Boys - Eastern Pennsylvania Red 2, New Jersey 1 Game Story

"It was perfect. We came out last year, and we won it. This year, playing mainly with the same team, and winning on a late goal like that, you can't write it any better." - Carter Houlihan

U16 Girls - Eastern Pennsylvania 3, Virginia 1 Game Story

"We just didn't let it get to us. We just kept pushing. We finally got one and then another came, and it just went uphill from there." - Ava Schaller

U16 Boys - Eastern Pennsylvania 3, New Jersey 0 Game Story

"I just thought we had so much enthusiasm and will to go get those three goals. It feels like we have a really well-rounded team. Everyone is committed and is built well into the team. Everyone has a part to play." - Nyles Cayemitte

U15 Girls - Eastern Pennsylvania Red 2, New York-West 1 Game Story

"After the goal was scored, it was just really overwhelming after everything we'd been through, yesterday and today. I feel like this year that we were the best we've ever been." - Haley Gschrey