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2019-20 New Seasonal Year Registration Process

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U.S. Soccer Connect is the new registration database for Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer. All data is new this year and previous information/registration data will not transfer from the old system.

Links for registration (Risk Management, Team Builder, etc.) do not exist in U.S. Soccer Connect. Instead, all registration events will originate in each club's unique connect site.


1. Sign a User Agreement with Stack Sports for U.S. Soccer Connect

*If you do not have the user agreement signed, contact Craig Garifo (Craig.Garifo@stacksports.com) at Stack Sports.

2. Schedule an initial on-boarding session with Stack Sports to configure your unique Club Connect system. A Stack Sports representative will schedule this with your club within 48 hours of the user agreement being signed. If you are having issues getting this appointment, please contact Marisa Pigeon (mpigeon@epysa.org).

3. Set up registration events within your unique Club Connect system. This consists of the following:

A. Board of Directors registration

B. Coach Registration

C. Player Registration

Helpful Tip: All club domain sites are listed under the directory and can be found HERE

Consult the "Club User Guide" and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer's "How To" guide for more information on steps to set up registration events.

Whether you are using U.S. Soccer Connect for your registration or a third-party vendor, it is strongly recommended to set up a player registration event on your Club Connect site. Parents can set up an account and enter player data and upload images in addition to birth certificates. While it may be a secondary registration process for families, it will ensure correct data input and less work for club administrators.

Clubs have the ability to "ADMIN ADD" players if so desired, but it is not recommended. A club cannot "ADMIN ADD" coaches due to risk management requirements. Please refer to the "Coach FAQs" for a summary of Risk Management policy and compliance requirements.

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