Intramural Registration

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What is an Intramural League?


  • A league/in-house program based on a recreational play philosophy with a constitution and bylaws, registrar, appeal process, insurance coordinator and officers
  • Intramural fees for players and teams must be paid
  • Participation does not qualify a team for travel team tournaments and/or US Youth Soccer/Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer cup play
  • All players are registered through one in-house affiliate (Soccer organization)
  • Soccer organizations/clubs can have intramural leagues (in-house programs) and travel teams that complete in travel leagues
  • Example of intramural leagues: Peewee Soccer, anything done within your own club where rec-level players play against/with each other in games and practices

The intramural payment button is for clubs and leagues that are making their primary payment for the 2018-19 season.
Intramural Fall payment-700x75 2018-19